Turcite® / Way Repair

Thermoplastic material for precision machining and minimal wear and play
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Turcite® is a thermoplastic material applied to guideways for precision machining and minimal wear and play. It offers a high resistance to chemical wear and corrosion over a wide temperature range.

Master Machine Rebuilders uses a thicker, longer lasting Turcite than most factory specifications. When machining the oil grooves we do not machine the Turcite through to the way. We feel this gives the Turcite a more durable, longer life span.


  • High Performance for many years
  • Low wear, even with the lack of proper lubrication
  • Dampens and absorbs vibration for precise machining
  • Resistant to soiling and moisture
  • High accuracy and repeatability performance

We also work with Turcite alternatives Moglice and Rulon®. These are applied and machined in the same manor as shown with the Turcite.